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Become A Master Of Hosting Guests

Rest assured that our guide to building a stunning, inviting guest bedroom helps your guests feel as relaxed as possible.

A Comfortable Bed

There is nothing worse than spending the night at a friend’s and finding an unpleasant bed to sleep in. Even though you might not know how your guest wants their mattress to be, you can guarantee a high degree of comfort by investing in a good one – for more detail, see our mattress guide. Develop a feeling of luxury with our Croseus Ottoman Bed, a beautiful bed frame. As it lifts up to reveal a huge ottoman storage space below, this bed also doubles as extra storage for your house.

A Welcome Gift

Help your visitor feel at ease with a small welcome gift, which may range from sweet treats to a travel-sized soap or candle. Think of what really would make the stay of your guest extra special and invest in a beautiful gesture.

Create Some Storage Space

If your visitor plans to stay more than one or two nights, make sure that you build some storage room in the closet and drawers and make it clear that they are welcome to use the space. Preventing your visitor from living out of their suitcase will make them feel more at ease.

Add Some Cosy Lighting

Soft, cosy lighting can make a soothing and welcoming atmosphere in a room. Adding soft lighting to the bed, such as a lamp, is a great idea, particularly if your guest likes to stay up and read before going to bed. You could also leave a couple of candles in the room, along with some matches, for your guests to light if they wish.

Consider the Details A glass of water by the bed, a vase of flowers on the dresser, an extra blanket; all of these items go a long way from ‘just a place to stay’ to making your guest bedroom into a home away from home. Finishing touches will melt away any fears and make you feel comfortable and cherished by your guest.

We Are Proud To Be A UK Manufacturer!


What do they all have in common, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and Cheryl Cole? They’re British, just like anything else we offer at Opulence Dream. Beds, mattresses, other bedroom furniture – you name it, we sell it, and we’re proud of it.

We at Opulence Dream are strong believers in the supremacy of British-made goods. It’s safe to say that our independent family-run company has seen brands and trends come and go, having been in the bedding industry since 2008. We recall a time when waterbeds were traditional, round beds were coveted, and geo-pattern orange and brown upholstery was a must-have. Yeah, we may not have the prosperity of youth on our side at over 10 years of age, but we’re sure we have the experience that comes with a few years of notching up. So we’re sure that our decision to only sell products manufactured in the United Kingdom was right (which, of course, includes our own Opulence Dream beds too).

We have the best when it comes to luxurious beds that have been sourced and manufactured in Britain. Take Frank Hudson beds, for example, a name renowned for style and quality. Frank Hudson beds, established in 1975 and based in High Wycombe, do style and flare like no one else. Think of beds that are subtly different from the standard, such as influenced by Gothic, Renaissance or Chesterfield types.

Then Newcastle-based Kaydian is there. Kaydian beds, founded over 10 years ago in 2004, make a contemporary statement in the style stakes, and ooze comfort from every corner. For the ultimate in indulgence, the collection includes luxury TV beds, and ottoman beds for homes where serious storage is a must have.

At Opulence Dream, we’re not just about selling, we’re also about developing. Actually, we make divan beds here in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and a number of other bedroom furnishings that exude quality and comfort. Do you want to hear how we do it? You are welcome to visit our manufacturing facility and showroom to witness the process firsthand. This policy of open doors is designed to encourage our customers to see how much care and attention to detail goes into each of our divan beds and other bedroom furniture.

Then, you can treat yourself to a budget Cassar 1000 Pocket mattress and a new divan bed and enjoy a price that is more than 50 percent off the high street price tag when you’ve noticed you can no longer bear your lumpy old mattress or creaky bed. If that doesn’t bring you to sleep, we don’t know what would! But if you need extra conviction, here are some of the reasons why it’s a wise decision to purchase a British-made bed or mattress…

  • Guaranteed high quality craftsmanship
  • Total product/quality control
  • A product that’s been made to order (which means nothing is left lying around in a warehouse at risk of being damaged)
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • The option of custom sizing – on divan beds and mattresses
  • Local experts who you can contact about your order if you need to
  • A British-made product

Control and transparency of material sourcing and working conditions

Control over lead times, ensuring we’re going to tell you how long it’s going to take until you receive your order and keep you posted on the method. Then there’s also the fact that you’re investing in this country by deciding to buy British. You help keep people at work, support their growth, and do your bit for the economy (plus, we’re pretty sure you’d be proud of Mary Portas).

What needs to be pointed out is that it doesn’t have to mean pricey to buy British. Think of your bed-buying choices in this respect, as you do your clothes. Some clothes are of the “cheap, wear once, throw away” type. Other clothes are well made and will last for years, cut to your proportions. We know which category Opulence Dream belongs to, but don’t expect a high-end designer’s price tag. In fact, our prices are equivalent to those of manufacturers that sell products manufactured in other countries, and we are still less costly than the high street. This is awesome, because we Brits love a good deal!

Custom Made & Delivered In Just 5-7days

Made to Order and Delivered in 5-7 Working Days

You have chosen the bed of your dreams, you have selected the fabric you want it to be upholstered in (if you want a divan or upholstered bed), and you have treated yourself to must-have extras such as the exquisite headboard. So then, that’s the job done!  Ok, your half of the deal is!  It’s a whole different matter on the flip side of the coin, here at Opulence Dream. Your dream bed will start its process from being just that-‘a dream’-from the moment you click ‘buy’ on the Opulence Dream website-and start its journey to becoming a ‘true life’ bed that will soon have pride of place in your bedroom.

This is the moment when you get to sit back and relax, whereas the bed-makers of the Opulence Dream gets busy building your vision. Fascinating times!

Delivery Times

This stage takes just 5-7 days for customers who live in central areas such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester (and many other smaller towns and villages throughout mainland UK). That’s from the moment you place your order on the website of the Opulence Dream to the moment we deliver it to your choice room.

When you know that all of our beds are made to order (we don’t keep stock), we think you’ll accept that our delivery time is even better.

For customers who live in less easy-to-get-to areas, the delivery time will be a little longer. We aim to deliver within two to three weeks to postcodes such as DT, BH, and SY.

And if you’re fortunate enough to live in a beautiful remote part of the country where it might be hard for bed-laden lorries to get there, don’t worry, the Opulence Dream team is always going to get to you! It takes two to three weeks to complete the process. This is for BT, KW and EX postcodes.

When you are knocked on your door by the Opulence Dream delivery crew to deliver your brand new bed, they won’t just leave it on your doorstep for you to move in on your own. They’ll carry it in for you if you’d like them to, take it to your room of choice, and even assemble it for you easily and with expert ease for an extra fee.

Then it’s yours to admire, dress as you like, and lay back on after a long day. And all you had to do was make a few design choices, press a few buttons, and then click ‘order’.

At Opulence Dream, we want to keep you updated as much as possible once you’ve ordered your bed. We’re not going to flood you with details, but we’re going to make sure that the stuff you need to know about are in the loop. We’ll email you to set up a suitable delivery time, and once we’re on the route, we’ll call you when we’re an hour away from completing your delivery. We know they all hate to wait for deliveries, so that’s why we’re giving you a call to let you know that we’re on our way.

See you soon!


Dear Customers,

I hope you are staying safe and well-rested.

I’m pleased to inform you that we are once again able to process orders and deliveries.

We’re proud that nearly everything we sell is made to order, and are thrilled that our employees are back to processing orders in line with government guidelines. 

There will inevitably be some small delays as we find our feet again while adhering to social distancing requirements, but we will be sure to relay this information to our customers on an order by order basis – we will call you upon receipt of your order to confirm delivery details and expected dates.

If you have questions about a recent order, please contact us on

We’re excited to welcome back our customers, and help you find the perfect bed and mattress!

For further updates, you can sign up below to receive our newsletter.

Kind regards,

Opulence Dreams

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