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Custom Made & Delivered In Just 5-7days

Made to Order and Delivered in 5-7 Working Days

You have chosen the bed of your dreams, you have selected the fabric you want it to be upholstered in (if you want a divan or upholstered bed), and you have treated yourself to must-have extras such as the exquisite headboard. So then, that’s the job done!  Ok, your half of the deal is!  It’s a whole different matter on the flip side of the coin, here at Opulence Dream. Your dream bed will start its process from being just that-‘a dream’-from the moment you click ‘buy’ on the Opulence Dream website-and start its journey to becoming a ‘true life’ bed that will soon have pride of place in your bedroom.

This is the moment when you get to sit back and relax, whereas the bed-makers of the Opulence Dream gets busy building your vision. Fascinating times!

Delivery Times

This stage takes just 5-7 days for customers who live in central areas such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester (and many other smaller towns and villages throughout mainland UK). That’s from the moment you place your order on the website of the Opulence Dream to the moment we deliver it to your choice room.

When you know that all of our beds are made to order (we don’t keep stock), we think you’ll accept that our delivery time is even better.

For customers who live in less easy-to-get-to areas, the delivery time will be a little longer. We aim to deliver within two to three weeks to postcodes such as DT, BH, and SY.

And if you’re fortunate enough to live in a beautiful remote part of the country where it might be hard for bed-laden lorries to get there, don’t worry, the Opulence Dream team is always going to get to you! It takes two to three weeks to complete the process. This is for BT, KW and EX postcodes.

When you are knocked on your door by the Opulence Dream delivery crew to deliver your brand new bed, they won’t just leave it on your doorstep for you to move in on your own. They’ll carry it in for you if you’d like them to, take it to your room of choice, and even assemble it for you easily and with expert ease for an extra fee.

Then it’s yours to admire, dress as you like, and lay back on after a long day. And all you had to do was make a few design choices, press a few buttons, and then click ‘order’.

At Opulence Dream, we want to keep you updated as much as possible once you’ve ordered your bed. We’re not going to flood you with details, but we’re going to make sure that the stuff you need to know about are in the loop. We’ll email you to set up a suitable delivery time, and once we’re on the route, we’ll call you when we’re an hour away from completing your delivery. We know they all hate to wait for deliveries, so that’s why we’re giving you a call to let you know that we’re on our way.

See you soon!


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