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Luxury Beds

Benefits of Owning a Luxury Bed

Sleep Like Royalty: Benefits of Owning a Luxury Bed

Luxury Beds

Do you know the story of the princess and
the pea, well in that story a princess could not sleep on a bed layered with
seven mattresses because there was a single pea under the first one. You can’t
settle for anything less than excellent sleep after you’ve become accustomed to
it. That is an experience that only luxury beds can offer.

 Luxury beds add value to your sleep and
comfort. While luxury beds do come with a higher price tag, it is justified due
to all the benefits they offer. Here we will share with you some benefits of
owning a luxury bed.



Luxury beds are created using high-quality
materials and exceptional craftsmanship. They are designed to give support
while also meeting your desires for comfort and beauty. They are made to last. Luxury
beds are made  of the highest quality of
wood or metal. They showcase a variety of elegant handcrafted designs and
techniques. Luxury beds are combined with sumptuous bedding materials to create
an exceptional sleeping experience. The beddings are
mostly made up of prima cotton, silk and linen that are more durable and softer
than low quality beddings.


Bed frame design

Bed frames are an integral part of bed as
it is responsible for holding the mattress as well as headboards or footboards.
Luxury beds include a variety of bespoke bed designs. There are several types
of bed frames. Luxury bed frames are mostly built out of solid hardwood so they
hold up for much larger weight. Quality bed frames last up to 7 to 10 years.
Here we have some luxury bed frame suggestions that will add value to your
sleep and home.


Upholstered bed frames:  They have headboards and footboards attached
all padded with cushion. They are found in a variety of colours, designs and
embroidery or buttons studded on them.They could give your space a touch of
colour. shop here


Ornate bed frames: They look majestic and
regal.They are a wonderful fit if you’re looking for something with an antique
feel. shop here


Wrought iron bed frame: They are made of
high quality metals and have a well built frame. They add to the aesthetics of
your bedroom. They are timeless and can be customised in sizes and frameworks
to suit your bedroom. shop here



Research has proved that the material we
sleep on is highly important. 
Uncomfortable sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to lack of performance
in tasks and muscle pains. Luxury beds are paired with high quality mattresses
that provide pressure relief to hips and shoulders. They also provide
durability , motion isolation and spinal support. Premium mattresses  offer adjustability, support and its core
largely consists of empty space to minimise overheating. They are handcrafted
and have hypoallergenic qualities. All the good stuff for a good night’s sleep.





Did you also experience having to lay on an
uncomfortable sofa or chair because your phone is charging while you are using
it or you went to sleep and woke up just to find that your phone battery died
and you missed your alarm.

Luxury beds are equipped with high end
technologies that remove the need for unnecessary connecting cables and clutter
of devices.

They include features like sleep tracking,
USB ports, built in chargers, cooling technologies, adjustable firmness and
support. Providing you with all that you need within the comfort of your own




The Unveiling Of The Astound Bed

Astound Bed, a modern wonderfully luxury bed, is being unveiled by Opulence Fantasy.

The collection derives influence from the world’s most beautiful boutique hotels in cosmopolitan cities and is meant to bring distinguished elegance to urban living spaces.

To create an impressive range of bedroom centre pieces, with traces of Parisian elegance, Mumbai-inspired hues and London theme accents, elegant fabrics, bold silhouettes and intricate design features are combined.

Hand made, using a special method of processing and only the finest quality materials.

Snoring? Let’s Have A Talk…

According to research, approximately 30% of people over the age of thirty have a snoring problem. We decided to shed some light on the topic with that in mind and hopefully have some good advice. Snoring will keep you from having a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. Other people living in your home – particularly your partner who has to share the bed – may also be annoyed. Fortunately, you may try several solutions to avoid snoring and improve your sleeping routine.

What is snoring?

The majority of people snore due to a blockage in the flow of air into their mouths and noses. For a wide variety of different reasons, the obstruction can happen. The only way to remedy the problem and avoid snoring for good is to find out what’s causing it. So, let’s look at some of the most prevalent reasons people snore.

What causes snoring?


During the summer months, allergies like hay fever can cause people to snore. Additionally, some people can develop breathing problems as a result of allergies to their bedding. When you want to see a difference, make sure you change your washing powder and try something different.

Sinus infections

There are a hundred and one explanations why a sinus infection could happen to someone. Perhaps you have a cold that is blocking your nose? Is it true that a sinus infection is a side effect of a more severe medical condition? Some drugs can also cause the same symptoms, which is why visiting the doctor is recommended.

Nasal polyps

In any human being, nasal polyps can grow. They arise in certain cases when you suffer from alternative conditions. Some sinus infections, as well as diseases like cystic fibrosis, can promote the growth of polyps. Surgical procedures to remove the polyps and clear your airway are available.

Relaxed muscles

There is some evidence to suggest that individuals who snore may suffer from problems with their throat and tongue. Snorers’ mouths and tongues tend to become too comfortable, which causes them to block their airway.

Weight gain

Since their throat tissue has become too bulky, overweight individuals appear to snore. The airway is obstructed as they lie down due to the extra fat and flesh. That is why doctors will always suggest that if you complain of snoring issues, you lose weight.

Are there health risks associated with snoring?

There are several health problems associated with snoring, in addition to the fact that you would be tired all of the time. Long breathing interruptions, for instance, may put a strain on your heart. Indeed, for that very reason, several individuals die during the night. Snoring can also cause low oxygen levels in the blood, which is bad news for your lungs. In the worst-case situation, some people develop a disease known as pulmonary hypertension.

Snorers sometimes complain of constant headaches and exhaustion on top of all else. They are more likely to suffer strokes and heart attacks in some cases.

How do you stop snoring?

Most people would believe that if they didn’t snore, their lives would be easier. Finally, they would get a good night’s sleep, and throughout the day, they would have more energy. For people who snore at high volumes, that is particularly the case. There is a grandmother, for instance, who at the moment holds the world record for the loudest snore. Officials say she can reach a staggering 111 decibels, which would keep her neighbours up all night. The tips below will assist you to change your condition.

Use stop snoring aids

Many items designed to help you avoid snoring can be found without much effort. Others will be more successful than others, while others will likely have no effects. It’s crucial, however, that you try them all because they can function in some cases. On the internet, those nasal strips get excellent reviews.

Maintain a healthy weight and diet

Improving your fitness would almost definitely help you avoid snoring. People who are overweight appear to snore more loudly, as we said just a moment ago. It makes sense for you, with that in mind, to schedule a balanced diet and get some exercise. If you stick to your new routine, you should find a major change.

Sleep on your side

Some folks feel that sleeping on their side will help because of the existence of airway obstructions. It should alleviate some of the facial pressure that you feel, at least. That could help you breathe properly during the whole night. When you fall asleep, use a pair of pillows to keep from turning over onto your back.

Don’t drink alcohol

We forgot to mention this earlier, but the ingestion of alcohol will make you snore too. So, before your partner can sleep without earplugs, it’s time to stop drinking. Beer is terrible for your body after it’s all said and gone, and a break would do you well.

Change your mattress, bedding and pillows

You’re already aware that allergies can cause a person to snore. This is why it is still a smart thing to upgrade the mattress, bedding and pillows. Of course, this does not fix the issue, but you may explore whether environmental conditions play a role in your condition. For the better outcomes, switch the laundry powder and detergent as well. You have the lowdown on snoring now; the right remedies should be simpler to look for. When you are in great condition, your body is not built to make the noise. The problem will never have to be dealt with by most people who look after themselves and get enough exercise. So, snoring is always a warning sign that something is wrong, and you have to make adjustments. We did our best to show some of the successful approaches that you might use. Only make sure that you learn from this page’s suggestions, and soon bring the ideas into effect. Everyone wants you to get a good night’s sleep!

The Ottoman Empire Takes Over

The Ottoman Bedroom Empire

We understand that space in your bedroom is a privilege, and that having storage alongside style wherever possible is just as vital, and that’s where our old buddy, the Ottoman Bed, steps in. Its seamless ability to act as an extra container is invaluable, and its secret cavity offers the perfect storage room for a variety of your belongings. We’ll explore the past of this magnificent bed and pick one of our favourites for the upcoming summer months.

Historic Ottoman Origins

This famous bed shares its name with the rise of ancient Turkey, whose kingdom in the 14th century grew to fame. The Ottoman Empire ruled over modern-day North Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, as well as the Balkan states, for the next 600 years.

The first Ottoman furniture was a variety of upholstered bench or long seat that excluded arms and a back. This traditional piece was typically used as the home’s main seating, stuffed with cushions but sitting low like a footstool with hinged interior storage. Larger pieces that were higher and featuring deeper cavities were also made. The Ottoman format for beds, chests of drawers, and stalls was developed and modernised in this style. Ottoman furniture was first introduced to Western Europe in the late 1800s, and it has grown over the last three centuries.

This takes us to the contemporary nature of the Ottoman bed, a masterpiece of architectural aesthetics and functionality. The versatility of a Divan Bed has been combined and added more substance. All Opulence Dream Ottoman beds are available all the way to Super King in sizes from a Small Single to offer four times as much storage as a standard Divan.

Create a New Empire in Your Bedroom

With summer approaching, the subtle yet stylish Opulence Dream Ottoman Bed is our pick to warm up your bedroom. With its two-sided headboard addition, this beautiful bed provides pristine practicality, providing the option to open as either a left or right hander. It’s easy to raise up the base of the bed and access your belongings underneath the mattress thanks to gas struts and a side lift hydraulic mechanism.

Choose your favourite fabric and colour for the Ottoman, then pair it with a Headboard and Mattress to make the perfect addition to your home. So there we ‘ve have it, a bed steeped in tradition, but brought to life by the Opulence Dream today. The only question is what are you going to store within your Ottoman?!

Unique, Luxury Upholstered Bedroom Furniture

Luxury Upholstering

We take pride in making new, contemporary upholstered headboard designs at Opulence Dream, and this autumn, we want to help you make a statement in your bedroom with one of our incredible designs. We realise how valuable your headboard is to standout, and wanted to offer your home an original and iconic touch. We wanted to highlight our developed collection as we move towards summer and further into 2021, and to run through five of our favourite designs. So relax and take in the sights.

Cool Clean Lines

We wanted to make a strong first impression, and the Chapman Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard does just that. The finest materials have been sourced to bring this beautiful, revolutionary style to life. This headboard, made up of eleven vertical pieces, has a minimalist aesthetic that adds depth to a modern room. It exudes notes of a penthouse apartment suite with its clean lines and streamlined style, while its deep padding and distinctive choice of fabric and colours gives the comfort of a family home.

Eye-Catching Upholstered Curves

The Charlotte Floor Standing Headboard, if eye-catching is your goal, this will hit the spot well and truly. With stunning curves and a fresh new perspective on your headboard, particularly in a set of dynamic fabrics and colours, its towering stature maximises minimal detail. The Charlotte provides tremendous comfort and is easy to match to your divan base thanks to its comfortable deep padded upholstery.

Terrific Tubing

The Monza Headboard is truly special, adding a touch of modernist style and class to your bedroom. This headboard instantly catches the eye and stays in the memory thanks to its solid, bold horizontal rows, which are stunningly set in the deep padded upholstery. Pick from a fine variety of fabrics, and give your own touch to this iconic piece.

Soaring into the Bedroom

When adding a headboard to your home, elegance and style are high on the list, and the Stella Winged Upholstered Headboard definitely suits the bill. Its classic winged style elevates your decor to the next level, injecting a delightful dose of decadence. By selecting your favourite fabric and choosing a customised size, make sure to build the ultimate personalised product.

Stunning Studding 

When it comes to your bedroom furniture, simplicity can always have the greatest effect, and the Cloud Headboard provides a breath of fresh air. This headboard is the epitome of minimalist detail, with a clean naturally curved form that combines classic and contemporary styles. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its deep padding, intricate studding, and rigidity, while still blending in perfectly with your bedroom.

So what are your thoughts on the tour? Do you have any immediate favorites? On the Opulence Dream website, there’s a lot more where those came from. Don’t worry about being courageous, it’s your time to stand out in your bedroom.

On a budget? Introducing The Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress!

On a tight budget? Take a look at the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress!

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial to one’s wellbeing. Sleep that is bad or disturbed will leave you feeling lethargic and grumpy. It can also influence how productive you are in your day and even effect your immune system as well.

You may not know it, but the mattress on which you sleep may be responsible for your poor sleep! It’s critical that you choose the right one for your requirements. Otherwise, you might end up with an awful night’s sleep.

High quality doesn’t have to mean high prices

Mattresses come in a number of sizes and types, which is a benefit. They range in price as well, and it’s the fact that people can be restricted to what they can get. The excellent thing is that the highest quality mattresses don’t have to be prohibitively costly.

Take the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress, for example. It’s one of our best-selling mattresses and boasts a range of features and benefits. One reason for its popularity is down to its price. Starting from just £78, you can sleep on one of the UK’s most comfortable mattresses tonight!

So, what is it about the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress that makes it such a popular choice?

The Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress is pocket -sprung

These days, there are several different styles of mattresses to choose from. Pocket-sprung ones are all composed of individual springs. Each spring is protected by a calico “wallet,” and all springs are nested together.

Pocket-sprung mattresses, since they provide better protection, are better than open-coil ones. Within the mattress, there are hundreds of small springs that ensure that that is the case.

So, what happens to a pocket-sprung mattress when you lay down? For starters, you don’t fall to the middle of the bed and kill the person lying next to you! You’ll get a better night’s sleep as well, thanks to the mattress’s superior help.

You will find out how many individual springs are used when you purchase a pocket-sprung mattress. The Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress uses 1,000 springs, as you might have guessed.

It offers premier upholstery

Unfortunately, some mattresses are made of low-quality materials and do not last very long. With the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress, that isn’t something you need to stress about.

It is a non-turn, easy-care mattress upholstered in the finest silk quality. Indeed, the mattress is supportive and easy to sleep on. But, it still feels luxurious as well! Deep layers of hypo-allergenic fillings also come with the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress. That is to say, it is made of materials that assist in the prevention of allergies.

Available in a range of sizes

The Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress is, of course, available in many sizes.

They are as follows:


Small Double;



and Super King.

What do our customers say about the Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress?

It’s important to find out what past customer say of it since buying this mattress. The Cassar Pocket 1000 Mattress has received positive reviews from our customers. Here are some of their comments:

“For us, the mattress is very soft and very comfortable.” – H Khan.

“As someone who’s suffered from lower back pain for years, it’s the best purchase I’ve made” – Darren

“Top quality, very comfortable mattress” – Madaline

Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Check out the many more reviews from verified buyers on our website!

What Bed Suits You The Best? All You Need To Know Guide!

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Bed for you

We head up to our bedrooms and go to sleep when we’re exhausted after a day full of activities. Unless you like to sleep on the floor, you’re likely to have some definition of a bed. You are also expected to spend a third of your life sleeping in a tent.

But what many people don’t know is that for a few hours, the beds they sleep in don’t just let them rest. Until  they wake up, they also help their bodies stay safe and their minds stay focused! Sleeping on the wrong type of bed will damage your body and wreck your day.

Every four to ten years, the majority of people shop for a new bed. Are you planning on getting that done soon? If so, the options and terminology out there might make you feel confused. This realistic guide will help you pick the right bed for you. Here’s what you need to be conscious of:

Style is just as important as function

One thing you will find when you go to buy a bed is that a plethora of different models are on sale. There’s enough for everyone’s taste, from the adventurous to the contemporary.

You should make sure you choose a bed that suits the aesthetics of your bedroom. It should also fit in with the rest of the room’s furnishings and colour schemes.

There will be more variety for those with bedrooms that are minimalistic and use neutral tones. Style is subjective, of course. In your bedroom, you may wish to have a fusion of different types. Whatever you want, make sure your room works for it.

Size matters

As you can appreciate, some personal space in the bed is needed by the person sleeping next to you. To some, it may sound romantic, but sleeping in a single bed next to someone is not at all relaxing! And someone who sleeps alone can find that for their needs, a Super King sized bed is too big!

You need to think about the size of the bed that both you and your sleeping partner would embrace. You should also think about how well your new bed would fit in your room. Smaller rooms are more common in newer homes in the United Kingdom. That also suggests that a tight squeeze would be anything bigger than a double bed.

Make sure you take accurate measurements of your bedroom before you start searching for a new bed. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough space to walk around the bed. It’s not a safe idea to sleep in a bed with just one size of mattress!

Before you buy a mattress, check out a few different ones.

Aside from aesthetics, the mattress is an essential part of any bed. This will be the place which you will spend approximately eight hours each evening. It goes without saying that your new mattress must be comfortable and helpful at the same time.

Some individuals discover that pocket-sprung mattresses with at least 1,000 springs are sufficient. Although some may prefer mattresses with memory foam instead.

The value of choosing the right mattress cannot be overstated. If you make the wrong decision, you won’t just have your money wasted. Also, you will never get a full night’s sleep!

Consider different bed styles

Metal frames are used in some beds, while wooden slats are used in others. In the United Kingdom, the former is the most common option You may choose from flat or curved designs with wooden slats.

Don’t let the cost of a bed affect your decision. It’s important that you choose the right bed for your individual needs. Yes, you should pick a mattress that is comfortable. However, the base on which it rests is equally significant.

Do you need storage?

One quick fact about the beds you can purchase today is that some provide practical choices for storage! For buyers, divan beds are a popular alternative, as you can get them with slide-out drawers.

Did you know that “storage beds” can also be purchased? They are, in a nutshell, beds where you can quickly raise the frame. That’s because it has a set of hinges attached to it. With easy access, you then have plenty of storage space.

In bedrooms where space is small, beds with storage are advantageous. They’re really ideal for people with lots of belongings and no place to store all of them!

Make sure you get the best deal

Last but not least, when purchasing a new bed, it is crucial to get the best value for your money. Stick with retailers that offer long warranties and guarantees.

We at Opulence Dream go above and beyond. We offer a premium delivery service as well. And if you don’t want to, our team of experts will also construct your bed in the room of your choosing.

Best of luck!

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