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Thumbnail_A Great Matress = A Great Sleep

A Great Mattress = A Great Sleep

The Study of Mattresses

Is there anything more satisfying than a blissful night’s sleep? We don’t believe so, hence why studying the anatomy of a mattress is important for good health and posture. You spend a third of your life lying in bed after all (even more if you love a lazy weekend!) If your mattress causes problems with your sleep, it could affect your health. Sleep deficiency induces a loss of energy as well as a number of back problems. Maybe you’ve never given your mattress a second thought. But, maybe it’s just the source of all your issues.

Today, we will be demonstrating what a healthy mattress looks like! More specifically, we’ll clarify how you and your posture can pick the right one.

Pocket sprung mattress

The safest choice is to have a pocket sprung mattress. It’s light, cool, and moulds to your body. Like a standard mattress, they’re made of small springs, but there’s a huge difference. Each spring is sewn into its own pocket of fabric within a pocket sprung mattress. That’s what makes it a lot, a lot softer, and less invasive. (No more embarrassing coils digging into your back!)

In a Pocket Sprung Mattress there are several more of these coils, and each one moves independently. This provides us with two great advantages. First, it means that to find the most secure and accommodating structure, the springs will mould around the body. Second (and this is a biggie), your partner’s twirling and turning will have no effect on you! Since the springs are independent of each other, as they turn over, the springs under you are not affected. Finally, you’ll be able to get a full night’s sleep!

How is it different from a memory foam mattress?

You’ll all see the mattresses with memory foam, in order for them to sink and mould around your body, they use body heat. The biggest difference is that a mattress with memory foam does not allow your body to breathe. Since the inside of them is dense and thick, your body can get really hot. A pocket sprung mattress has a moulding effect similar to that, but it will keep your body cool and nice.


A decent mattress is all about maintaining proper posture at the end of the day. We all recognise that the optimal posture is a straight, aligned spine. It puts less pressure on your shoulders and hips, and holds your back straight. A decent mattress ought to do precisely that. Note, though, don’t go too soft or too hard. If you’re too soft, you’ll fall too far and your spine will curve. You’ll place extra pressure on your shoulders, hips, and knees if you’re too firm. Fortunately, a pocket sprung mattress will typically be specifically adapted for you. You can also set your partner’s side up differently often.


Finally, always check for the components that make up the mattress. It’s typically a good predictor of efficiency. Egyptian cotton, silk, and even cashmere are used in the finest pocket sprung mattresses.


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