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Roman Curved Bed

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Beds – An Integral Part of Your Room

Bedrooms are among the most valuable places in your house, and so is the bed; a bed is where we can leave our tiredness and rest to refresh our bodies. Giving importance to furniture is crucial in all aspects of life.

Are you ready to make your rest area look stylish and graceful? With the contemporary design of our Rome bed, you can make your bedroom a perfect place to rest.

Beds With a Unique Interpretation of Ancient Romans

Are you interested in incorporating Roman style in your home? If yes, our luxury Rome beds are a good option.   The early Greek style has a great influence on Romans; they add a touch of extravagance and detail to the austere Greek decor.

Create a Sense of Proportion and Balance

Roman-inspired furniture is usually carved with animal feet or equipped with intricate designs. Our Rome beds are manufactured from a natural material, and colours are primarily focused on creating a sense of balance and proportion for your bedroom.

Make Use of Bright Colours and Sharp Contrasts

For unique ancient touch, bright fabric colours like blue, vermilion and maroon are a good choice for homeowners. Strong colour contrasts were common in ancient Roman homes, with black and blue being the popular choices.

Luxury Rome Curved Bed

Beautifully upholstered, our Rome curved bed is available in all sizes and fabric colours. The modern, distinct, unique and defined style of Rome beds originated back in 1900 and is still trending in the market. Our luxurious padded headboard design with deep buttoning creates an opulent feel in your bedroom. Our unique Rome bed line combines grace and functionality, which is a plus for the user. Our bed fabric comes in a variety of colour options, making it ideal for a variety of décor styles. But above all, its most striking feature is undoubtedly its large, curved headboard with meticulously crafted button detailing. This bed exudes feminine charm, and it all begins with a stylish headboard and footboard design. Last but the most discrete feature of our Rome bed is the sprung slatted base, providing you with the necessary support for a restful night’s sleep.

Why Sleeping in Style is Important?

We all understand the value of a good night’s sleep. If you are sleeping on a shabby mattress laid on top of cracked slats, it’s time to consider changing your bed. Our Rome bed is the perfect choice for you. The following numerous health benefits are associated with sleeping on a high-quality bed frame.

Sleep Like a Log on Our Rome Bed 

After a long day at work, our Rome bed provides comfort to your body. A good night’s sleep requires comfort, which a high-quality bed and mattress can provide. Our Rome bed provides support to your shoulder while you sleep. Rome bed, in conjunction with a soft and plush mattress, gives you a sensation of floating on a cloud.

Prevent Health Problems

High-quality beds and mattresses can improve your health dramatically. Your body regenerates during sleep, so it’s no surprise that a bad night’s sleep causes serious health issues. Our premium quality Rome bed prevents chronic back pain, allergies, asthma, shoulder pain, and much more. This is not only because it provides the comfort you need to sleep soundly, but it also keeps a slew of nasty critters and particles from accumulating on your mattress.

Good for Your Mental Health

This may surprise you, but beds do affect your mental health. Following a sound sleep on our Rome bed, your brain functions at a much higher rate. Sleeping well promotes the healthy function of your brain, allowing you to stay productive all day long. With a full night’s sleep, our bodies renew cells and produce hormones to ensure the efficient functioning of our whole body. Get yourself our Rome bed for not only a healthy, happy brain but also for your overall health and well-being.

Buy Your Dream Bed Today

We offer you the best value for money. We have a wide selection of all sorts of beds, from large luxurious roman beds to single-size divan beds. Shop the bed frame of your choice from our collection.


3ft Single: W120cm X L215cm
4ft Small Double: W150cm x L215cm
4ft6 Double: W165cm x L215cm
5ft King: W180cm x L220cm
6ft Superking: W210cm x L220m


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