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Types Of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses, fillings, construction and technologies – but they can all be grouped into five broad categories. These categories are traditional spring, pocket spring, combination, advanced and memory foam. Each offers their own unique benefits, and careful consideration should be taken when selecting a mattress to ensure it is right for you.

Traditional spring mattresses

Traditional spring mattresses are constructed from a series of connected springs, with a border rod of wire for additional support. Because the springs are connected the system provides excellent support over the entire sleeping area. They offer fantastic value for money and come in a range of different comfort levels, from orthopaedic through to softer grades. The majority of the support comes via metal coils that run through the width of the mattress.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils that sit within their own fabric pocket. The springs themselves are not directly attached; meaning each spring is able to move independently, providing enhanced support and adjusting to the contours of your body. This independent movement of the springs also prevents 'roll together' if you sleep with a partner.

Combination mattresses

Combination mattresses provide the best of both worlds. Bringing together traditional craftsmanship with innovative mattress technology from leading manufacturers. They provide the traditional support and comfort of springs, with the added benefit of pressure relieving top layer to give you optimum ease throughout the night and help you get the best night's rest.

Advanced mattresses

Advanced mattresses favour specialised materials such as latex, gel or memory foam instead of traditional springs. Advanced mattresses mould to the contours of your body, distributing weight evenly across the mattress, providing optimal support and relief to pressure points. These mattresses have been developed to help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

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